A Habit For More Time 馃尡




Definition:The action of deciding the relative importance of things.

When you work for yourself and get to structure your own schedule, it can feel like you are constantly busy with scattered tasks.

It鈥檚 overwhelming.

But, it's crazy how much time there is when you actually address it.


The cognitive load theory shows your working memory has limited capacity. Effective planning reduces unnecessary cognitive load by organizing tasks and information in a way that is easier for your brain to process. This optimization allows you to think more clearly and be more effective in decision-making. And it frees up cognitive resources to focus on high-priority tasks.


This approach not only boosts productivity but also enhances creativity and leadership abilities, as it allows for more strategic allocation of mental resources.


Why habits? Your time is valuable and limited; you don鈥檛 need more complex systems. My goal is to provide you with simple, effective tools to support your physical and mental well-being and make you more efficient and conserve mental energy. (read more)

Plan out your work in the most effective way.

Step 1: List your tasks

List every task you need to get done, no matter how small.

Step 2: Prioritize

Order the tasks with most important and urgent at the top.

Step 3: Adjust based on your mental load

Sometimes, getting small tasks out of the way first helps relieve stress so you can fully focus on bigger tasks.


In every edition of Creatures of Habit, I feature a product to help you implement this week鈥檚 habit.


I used to keep my to-do list in my head and in multiple different places. Yes, this did make me feel crazy. I started using Notion, and feel so much more organized and less stressed. It allows me to prioritize tasks and be more productive in completing them.

And, it鈥檚 free.


This week, try a new planning technique.

鈥淎n hour of planning can save you 10 hours of doing.鈥

- Dale Carnegie

Until next time!

- Jenna Gestetner :)

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