A Habit For Continual Growth 馃尡



Definition: Your brain's ability to reorganize itself, forming new neural connections throughout life.

Your brain is the control center of your life.

20 minutes of learning a day can supercharge your brain, shield yourself from stress, and make you more resilient.


Like muscles, the brain strengthens with use. Neural pathways are created and solidified through learning.

When you stop learning, these pathways can diminish.

A Harvard study showed that those engaged in regular, diverse learning activities retained higher cognitive functions and displayed improved memory performance compared to non-learners.


The American Psychological Association reports that continuous learning is a buffer against stress and burnout.

When you consistently learn, you do not just become more knowledgeable; you also become more adaptable and resilient.


Why habits? Your time is valuable and limited; you don鈥檛 need more complex systems. My goal is to provide you with simple, effective tools to support your physical and mental well-being and make you more efficient and conserve mental energy. (read more)

Learning is a commitment. Prioritize it.

Step 1: Pick a topic you want to learn more about.

Step 2: Set aside 20 minutes as part of your daily routine to learn.

Step 3: Keep it fun; don鈥檛 let it become a stressful activity.


In every edition of Creatures of Habit, I feature a product to help you implement this week鈥檚 habit.

One way I鈥檝e found to keep learning stress-free is to learn a new language. It has nothing to do with work. I鈥檓 not trying to be fluent. It鈥檚 just for fun.



This week, challenge yourself to set aside 20 minutes a day to learning.

If you choose to learn a new language, reply to this email and tell me what you are learning.

鈥淭he capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice.鈥

- Brian Herbert

Until next week!

- Jenna Gestetner :)

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