A Habit For Sustained Energy 🌱



Definition: Provide with food or other substance necessary for growth, health, and good condition.

Your first decision of the day sets the tone for all others.

So, do you nourish your body, or do you neglect it?


According to a Frontiers in Human Neuroscience study, skipping breakfast negatively impacts attention, working memory, and executive function.


Basically, not fuelling yourself at the beginning of the day can leave you operating far from your peak potential and leave you prone to distractions from hunger and fatigue.


Why habits? Your time is valuable and limited; you don’t need more complex systems. My goal is to provide you with simple, effective tools to support your physical and mental well-being and make you more efficient and conserve mental energy. (read more)

If you are tight on time in the mornings or simply don’t like spending time making breakfast, prep it the night before.

Step 1: Make a nutritious breakfast that will fuel your morning

Step 2: Dedicate time to sit and enjoy your food without distractions


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Here are a few easy, nutritious breakfast ideas.

Want to prep the night before?


  • Overnight oats

  • Chia pudding

Feeling like a chef in the morning?


  • Making a smoothie

  • Creating an Instagram-worthy avocado toast


This week, commit to setting aside 15-20 minutes in the morning to enjoy your breakfast without distractions.

“Breakfast is a morning’s worth of mood insurance.”

- Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Until next week!

- Jenna Gestetner :)

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