A Habit For Consistent Energy

[10,000 steps]



Definition: To walk with long, decisive steps in a specified direction.

Has sitting really become the new smoking?

I’m sure you spend most of your day staring at a screen, sitting.

With this work lifestyle being so common, the necessity to integrate more movement into your daily routine has never been more important.

The emphasis shifts from the importance of having a stand-alone “workout” to just making sure to move consistently.


Yes, everyone talks about getting 10,000 steps, but walking, even in smaller quantities, offers immense benefits.

Walking activates various systems in your body and increases blood flow, helping you feel less sluggish and preventing stiffness and pains that often come from sitting all day.

Studies have shown that even moderate increases in daily physical activity can lead to substantial health benefits.


A study found that walking 7,000 steps decreases your chance of cardiovascular disease by 51%.

In the end, it's not an all-or-nothing situation but rather about breaking the chains of inactivity.

Studies have shown that regular physical activity, even of low intensity, can enhance cognitive function, improve mood, and reduce stress levels.


Why habits? Your time is valuable and limited; you don’t need more complex systems. My goal is to provide you with simple, effective tools to support your physical and mental well-being and make you more efficient and conserve mental energy. (read more)

Yes, 10,000 steps is a nice number, but set a goal that’s realistic for you.

Step 1: Set your goal

Step 2: Take a step

Step 3: Take another step

And repeat. Pretty simple right?

Haha, sorry, I had to ;)


In every edition of Creatures of Habit, I feature a product to help you implement this week’s habit.

Walking Pad

I recently got a walking pad. BEST purchase in a long time. Not only do I get more steps throughout the day, but I also feel more creative and less distracted while using it.

The one I bought: Sharewin Walking Pad


This week, set a step goal that is at least 1,000 steps over your current daily average and stick to it.

“Step by step. I can’t think of any other way of accomplishing anything.”

- Michael Jordan

Until next week!

- Jenna Gestetner :)

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